H.E. Mitchell Construction is a family-owned company, started in 1914 and incorporated in 1992.

Our Approach

Our Story

Today, the third generation of the H.E. Mitchell family is our corporate President.  H.E. Mitchell, III is continuing the strong leadership and family-owned heritage instilled by his father and grandfather.

H.E. Mitchell Construction continues to be a family working environment that focuses on serving, and it is evident in how we interact with each owner, architect, subcontractor or other project team member. Our ability to perform and interact successfully has led to a long list of repeat clients, a true measure of a contractor's success.  Wielding insight and ingenuity, we see and forecast what’s possible and we make it happen, sometimes under the most extraordinary conditions.  Our clients depend on us to quantify their vision and make it real, often from the first moments of conception and design.

The first tools on any of our projects are our employees; and like any good tool, we know how important it is to provide quality maintenance and care.  Our company culture is one that promotes safety, well-being, and family.  We have demonstrated an excellent safety record over the years; we recognize that safety must be reinforced on a daily basis to remain successful. Our commitment to send each person home safely every day requires participation from all personnel. This dedication to safety directly contributes to the wellbeing and productivity of our people and the overall success of our projects.

Our Story

Mission Statement

Listen to our clients needs, understand their business objectives, and offer the best pre-construction and construction options; providing building solutions that save time and money. Employ people who share the H.E. Mitchell character and provide them a safe and enjoyable work environment.

Meet the Team


Ron Mitchell


H.E. Mitchell, III.  His friends call him Ron or Ronnie.  He is third generation and now corporate President.  He grew up in the business and paid his dues with ten years of field experience prior to moving into the office.  In the office he received a more-than-formal education from his father in the school of hard knocks.  He hasn’t seen it all, but he has seen a lot and from every angle.  A formal education couldn’t replace what Ron has learned about construction in his 45 years of exposure.


Jim Rann

Vice President

Jim acquired his construction education from Eastern Illinois University along with a minor in business administration.  After college, Jim spent nearly two years as an Estimator with The Korte Company in St. Louis, Missouri and an additional two years as an Estimator with Fager-McGee Commercial Construction in Murphysboro, Illinois.  With four years of commercial and industrial estimating experience, on projects ranging from very small to nearly $60 Million, Jim joined H.E. Mitchell Construction as an Estimator and Project Manager. He brought with him innovation and a fresh view; he has developed into our corporate Vice President.  He now has over 20 years experience in a broad range of commercial and industrial projects.

Ron and Jim lead the business operations and are heavily involved in estimating, project management, and field services.  They realize they are only as good as the people they employ, and they have built a team of great people with a passion for the business; a desire to meet their clients’ needs; and the intelligence and skills to accomplish any task.

Professional Affiliations

H.E. Mitchell Construction relies on our affiliates to provide collective bargaining agreements; employee training; bid opportunities; and many other services that we require to stay up to date and in compliance with OSHA and other governing agencies.

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Legence Bank
Kevin Beckemeyer, President and CEO


Old Republic Surety Group, Inc.
Kent Birmingham, AFSB


Consolidated Insurance
Chuck Decker

Expected annual gross receipts: $15,000,000