We offer our clients numerous benefits, including self performance of our work; meaning a single point of accountability and greater control of schedules, costs and quality.  We are disciplined in enhancing our skills, embracing technology, and working as a team. At our core, we are dedicated to delivering the best services and solutions to produce great value.  That’s why we also offer services beyond General Contracting; we provide Construction Management and Design/Build services tailored to meet the needs of our client and their specific situation

General Contracting

When price is king, project dynamics are less complex or corporate bylaws mandate work for hire be bid on price, General Contracting may be the owner’s preferred delivery approach. In certain markets, it’s standard. In these instances H.E. Mitchell Construction is a tough competitor, and our experience and will to compete often win the job.

We bid on and commence general contracting work as it’s awarded to us when design is near completion. We hold all trade contracts and are responsible for delivering all work based on a lump sum or agreed price cap. This approach requires less day-to-day involvement on the owner’s side and assumes project variables are more clear-cut. However, at H.E. Mitchell, we take nothing for granted. During the bid process and beyond, we act as a confirmed partner who works tirelessly to fulfill the owner’s objectives. We consult with the project team and remain vigilant about balancing costs so we can deliver more of what you want in the finished product. That’s the ultimate value of choosing H.E. Mitchell Construction as General Contractor.

Construction Management

As the complexity of a project increases, so do the variables and degree of risk that must be negotiated by owner and contractor alike. For the owner, the experience, qualifications and early involvement of a contractor become critical predictors of success. Particularly when intense schedules, unknown field conditions or intricate design versus cost equations hang in the balance. Negotiating all the variables and their relative costs is preferable to driving a stake in the ground based on price alone.

As Construction Manager at Risk, we work alongside the architect, engineer and owner to optimize project design, schedule and cost. We negotiate a guaranteed maximum price based on design documents that, although typically incomplete, reflect the anticipated scope of the project, ensuring our price meets the client’s expectations. We also competitively bid all trade contracts to ensure the client receives the lowest price from qualified subcontractors. Always a team player, we are known for our conceptual strengths, skill in fleshing out design to field conditions and our continued focus on solving conflicts proactively and collaboratively rather than merely cutting costs.


When an owner contracts directly with a single entity to perform design and construction, that’s Design-Build. It’s a great approach for clients who know what they want up front, because it streamlines delivery. It simplifies procurement of design and construction services, offering customers the convenience of dealing with a single point of contact.
Projects are often awarded to design-build teams who compete on qualifications and sometimes price. The owner’s request for services may contain reasonably solid design criteria or preliminary sketches only. In the latter case we’d use our own architect consultants to advance our design proposal. Price is fixed early in the process, although the owner may negotiate the price until design is finalized by the winning contender.

With this approach we're responsible for all phases of the building process. In fact, we're 100% responsible for building performance and materials long after project close-out, an advantage that gives the owner added security when embarking on a Design-Build contract.

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