We offer a unique brand of healthcare construction expertise, driven by a focus on long-term relationships built on trust, open communication and proven performance. We share your vision for excellence while understanding the realities of the healthcare business. We listen, seeking first to understand your environment, and then to collaborate with your team to create solutions centered on your strategic business goals.

Historic Preservation

We understand the balance that must be achieved between historic preservation, modern functionality and cost. Whether the goal of a project is a complete historic restoration or simply to incorporate modern systems into a historic structure as cost effectively as possible, we provide the expertise and leadership to maximize the value of the client’s historic property. We understand that historic building owners are passionate about their structures, and we share that passion, which only increases with each landmark project we have the opportunity to restore.


When the first day of school arrives and students swarm the campus, buildings must be ready. There are no exceptions. The same holds true for construction deadlines. And that's why it's important to hire a construction services firm that can deliver a project on time. From renovating small elementary schools to building new best-in-class K-12 facilities, it's critical to hire a proven company like H.E. Mitchell. We promise you'll be ready.


From material selection and finishing details to meticulous scheduling and subcontractor selection, every last detail is important in building public spaces. This is particularly apparent in our work with state and federal agencies. Detailed reporting of costs and schedules is a daily facet of governmental construction, and both are second nature to H.E. Mitchell. We keep everyone from subcontractors to owners informed and involved. The end product is a building that serves the needs of the community and reflects the individual dignity of your organization.


Construction is a necessary evil in the industrial world. You need a structure to house a new production line, expand your treatment plant, or increase your capacity to generate power. Even so, your emphasis is on employees, equipment and productivity, not the surrounding walls.  H.E. Mitchell has skilled project leaders who can minimize disruption and maximize your efficiency throughout construction. Let us worry about the facility so you can operate your business.


Because a seat on the building committee is not a full-time job, H.E. Mitchell strives to make sure it doesn't seem like work. We place a premium on communication so you can make informed decisions. Our experience will help you optimize attributes like acoustics and sound systems and help explore ways to maximize your square footage. Every project has constraints and our goal is to ensure that you make the best use of available funds. We would be honored to be part of building a special place that is warm and welcoming to your community.


Time is money.  As soon as a project is complete, owners can open their new facilities to revenue-generating customers. Delays are simply unacceptable because of their effect on the bottom line. When remodeling existing facilities, we work with owners to assure that they remain operational and customer-friendly.